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PatchAmp Systems Integration Group Chosen to Upgrade Chelsea Television Studio's, Studio C, for Digital Production

June 9, 2003 New York City, NY -
In February of 2003 All Mobile Videos' (AMV) Chelsea Studios, located in the Chelsea section of New York City, was approached to provide a facility to integrate four studios within their facilities on 26th St. to feed an interactive training seminar live to the 3000 member sales force of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals located around three cities for 10 hours a day over five days. The control rooms were required to be standardized as much as possible, which meant that an upgrade to an SDI backbone was in order for Studio C. Heading the renewal project, was Steve Bickman, general manager of studio operations at AMV. "Every aspect of studio C was changed, from the room aesthetics and layout to the traditional studio system wiring and design concepts," said Bickman.

The studio has been through several configurations, starting as the training studio for the Center for Media Arts, a media school, which closed down in the early ‘90s. Chelsea Television Studios took over the space and started providing services to Global Shopping Network, a video retail channel. The space was further transformed when began production of a web cast streaming 24-hour market analysis to their subscribers.

One of seven AMV production studios, this studio needed to have its own identity. The studios' control room, production and engineering suites where rebuilt from the ground up including new architecture and furniture. The rebuild would cover four rooms including the 50'x40'x14.5' sound stage, with the existing control room being re-modeled. New broadcast furniture including two consoles and a monitor wall were also built for the control room.

"Like anything else, timing is always an issue and a dark studio is an unproductive studio," said Bickman. The time frame for the studio completion was under twelve weeks from demolition to client move in. Due to the enormity of the integration of the other three studios, AMV decided to choose an integrator to work with on the project. PatchAmp Systems Integration Group (SIG), based in New Jersey, was chosen to complete the studio design and installation.

PatchAmp SIG provided system engineering, rack layout designs, and integration based around new and existing analog and digital processing and conversion equipment. While the studio suites were being renovated PatchAmp SIG fabricated the cable assemblies and pre-wired most of the core equipment including the Lietch routers and Sony production switcher in the racks. The pre-wired system reduced the onsite labor to less than four weeks.

With factors, such as rack space and time constraint AMV was looking for a new solution to the conventional integrated patching and distribution core. After a review of available solutions AMV chose to use a new concept in patching and distribution technology. The product chosen was the PatchAmp PA-5032 patching and distribution frame. The PA-5032 is a high-density DA tray that is pre-wired to the patchbays in a single 14 rack-unit frame. "This one frame removes the labor and cost of wiring jacks to the DA's, which is half the core system in conventional designs," said Bickman. The PA-5032 was populated with both digital DA's and D-A conversion DA's for analog output.

Studio C was also designed with HD in mind. The studio offers an HD backbone with the PatchAmp distribution system for complete client flexibility. This concept offers HD upgrade without the high cost associated with SD to HD conversion. "We are able to fit 32 of any format from Analog to HD and have the patching in a modular frame, it makes a lot of sense," said Bickman.

Since the Pfizer production, Studio C has been the home to Chelsea Studio's Media Tour clients, as well as clients needing a high end production facility with a user friendly environment. Thanks to a staff of experienced engineers, technicians and production support personnel, and the depth of All Mobile Videos’ services, Studio C has been the choice facility for live productions with satellite and fiber transmission.

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