PA1600AHD Audio Distribution Frame

  • Up to 64 1-in by 4-out distribution amps per frame
  • Also can be configured as 1-in by 9-out
  • Compact design offers high module density
  • Accepts all patchamp high density modules
  • Frame houses AES and Analog
  • See thru front cover allows quick status indication
  • Lightest weight per distribution amplifier
  • Lowest power consumptiom per distribution amplifier

Up to 96 1-in by 4-out distribution amps per frame

The PA1600AHD is a 4RU frame specifically designed to reduce the amount of rack space housing audio distribution amplifiers. One 4RU PA1600AHD replaces at least four 2RU old style trays. This universal frame employs a 110-ohm wired midplane for optimun performance for all twisted pair audio signals..

Rear Panel



Height 7 inches(4RU)
Width 19 inches
Depth 16 inches
Nominal Weight 21 lbs. FULLY LOADED


Connectors Elco 3-pin, 110 ohm
Number of Inputs Up to 64
Number of Outputs Up to 288


Type External, 48Vdc
Input Voltage 90-264 Vac, 47-63 Hz, Single Phase
Redundancy N+1, hotswappable modules
Power Factor >.99
EMI Complies with EN55022 & FCC Class A

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