PA1600 Patchable Distribution Amps

  • Up to 16 1-in by 4-out PatchAmps
  • Compact Design
  • Eliminates DA trays, Cabling, and Connectors
  • 3Gb HD, HD, SD, Analog Video, AES and Analog Audio Formats
  • Signal Monitoring is Standard
  • Lightweight
  • Low Power Consumption

4 (2x32) patchbays with integrated distribution amplifiers

The PatchAmp PA1600 Video frame houses (4) 2x16 patch panels integral to 16 DA cards in 4RU weighing just under 40 lbs. The PatchAmp PA-901HD 1x4 video distribution amplifier is multi-rate up to 3Gig, guaranteeing that every signal is equalized and reclocked at the patch bay. The SDI and analog video distribution amplifiers are available in 1x5 configurations.

Rear Panel



Height 7 inches(4RU)
Width 19 inches
Depth 16 inches
Nominal Weight 38 lbs. FULLY LOADED


Input Differential and Isolated
Connectors BNC, 75 ohm
Number of Inputs Up to 16
Number of Outputs Up to 180


Type External, 48Vdc
Input Voltage 90-264 Vac, 47-63 Hz, Single Phase
Redundancy N+1, hotswappable modules
Power Factor >.99
EMI Complies with EN55022 & FCC Class A

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