PA-6000-302 AES Distribution Amplifier

  • Quad 1x4 or dual 1x9
  • 110 ohm xfmr in and out
  • Auto equalizing
  • Data re-shaping
  • Supports all AES formats
  • Eighteen outputs per module
  • Compatible with PA1200AHD, PA1600AHD, and PA2400AHD frames
  • Signal presence indication for each channel



Impedance 110 Ohms Transformer Coupled, Balanced
Max. Level 2 – 7V p-p


Channels Quad (1x4) or Stereo (1x9)
Outputs per Channel 4 (1x4) or 9 (1x9)
Impedance 110 Ohms Transformer Coupled
Max. Level 4 – 5V p-pAuto-equalizing


Max Cable Length 2,000 ft. Twisted Pair (Belden 1800B)
Equalization Mode Automatic
Reshaping Yes
Jitter < 5 ns
Propagation Delay < 100 ns

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